Time for a change..?

I realised recently that I missed my ‘blog birthday’ this year, what with one thing and another, and the fact that this blog is over two years old almost passed me by. Looking back at when I started, and where I am now, lots has changed. My blog theme, the ‘look and feel’ of the site, however, hasn’t.

I chose the current theme back in 2009 because to me, then, the font and colours represented warmth and trust. Now, they still do, but I wonder, what do they  say to you..?

If you are new to this blog, what were your first impressions? Did these change after reading..? Those of you who keep coming back – do you think it’s time for a change? If so, I’d be interested to know how you ‘see’ me – If you had to choose a font or colours that you feel reflect the me that you know, what would they be? Or is it a case of ‘If it ain’t broke…’

Since I started thinking about this, I just can’t decide whether to change or not so would welcome your thoughts!


2 responses to “Time for a change..?

  1. I like these colours. But it’s good to make changes sometimes. Over to you… 🙂

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