About small stones

Um…. So this is kind of the wrong way around – I should have written this post before the previous one.

Let me start with an apology to Fiona Robyn. I wrote my last post, having heard about small stones (and loving the idea!) but not knowing where they originated. Then today, someone sent me the link to Writing Our Way Home and I downloaded Fiona’s lovely little e-book, How to Write Your Way Home. If you are struggling to motivate yourself to write (or would just like a new way to write), I highly recommend reading this lovely little morcel. It didn’t take long to read but it did nourish me.

At first, I thought I would simply edit my last post and link to Writing Our Way Home , but then thought that wouldn’t be right – that wouldn’t be my truth, as Fiona might say. So, I decided to write this, to give credit where its due.

Fiona – If you’re reading this, thank you for the inspiration.

5 responses to “About small stones

  1. I am reading. And I do appreciate you writing this post afterwards : ) Keep writing the small stones, and do send a submission in for http://www.ahandfulofstones.com sometime….

  2. I found your blog while randomly reading – what a pleasant surprise to find another WOWHer.

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