Cash prize on offer for spoken word TV idea

Please note that this post is now closed to comments. Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea.

Interested in wining some cash (up to £500)?

If you have an original idea for a TV programme around spoken word, you could be in with a chance of winning a cash prize!

I’m looking for fresh new ideas for a programme (could be part of a series) about spoken word. If you have any interesting suggestions on this, please post something in the comments below and if it looks like something that could work, I will get in touch by email to explore further and let you have any more details.

Speaking of spoken word, I have been thinking about my next post and it may well be a video blog… Watch this space.

2 responses to “Cash prize on offer for spoken word TV idea

  1. My idea would be to use spoken word as a tool for addressing issues or to inspire change. Each show, a spoken word poet, or a different poet each week, could recite a spoken word poem addressing the world’s issues and problems. The show would start off that way. In the middle, the show could spend time breaking down the world’s issues and offering solutions. At the end, a new spoken word piece can be recited, but only half of it, to introduce the topic for the next show.

    I appreciate the opportunity.

    • Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for passing through, and for your idea, which sounds interesting, and inspiring! I am gathering ideas together at the moment so will come back to you if we need anything further on this.