I am not… A photographer

I am not a photographer.

(part#1 of the ‘I am not…’ series)

Sometimes I take photos. I know very little about photography, but I know what looks good (to me) and if I see an image I like; something that captures a thought or a moment and/or uplifts or inspires me, I will stop and take a photo. Sometimes I think they’re pretty good.

Here are some of the images I have saved over at Flickr, that I think might fit the ‘pretty good’ category:

You may have noticed that I sometimes include images in my blog posts. Occasionally I will buy a photo from an image bank, but most of them I have taken myself. So now you know.

I am not a photographer, but sometimes I take photos. Some of them are alright.

2 responses to “I am not… A photographer

  1. hey honest, i love photos and think it is a great way to capture a moment, the light, movement etc… sometimes i have to deliberately go out without my camera as its also good to enjoy a walk for just a walk, an event for the experience without recording it in some way. Liking your more than ‘pretty good’ photo’s!! Will take a look at your flickr account soon. XX

  2. Thanks Juliette, glad you like them! I too know what it is to have to restrain myself from always trying to ‘capture’ a moment rather than just enjoying it. I haven’t taken many photos recently though so maybe I should start taking my camera out more often!

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