Monthly Archives: October 2009

Now is the time

Ready to Rise

The nights start early and it’s too cold to sleep
So I lie awake through sleepless dreams I creep
Rain seems to me like a seamless beat
Over which I hear voices
Reciting too many choices.

It’s time to switch, time to step up my game
As the seasons change I re-arrange my priorities and start believing
Find my direction so I am achieving
But I keep freezing.

These words take a hold of me
It’s a self fulfilling prophecy
‘Cause it’s only me
Holding back, keeping me down
It’s time to take a step back
Find a new way around.

I tell myself this same shit time and again
The same song just a different refrain
And yet still… I’ve remained the same.

I should move on, it’s a natural progession
But years on I  still recite the same lesson
I keep on saying it’s time to let go
I keep on thinking it’s starting to flow
But something inside keeps holding me back
I set my truth free, and my demons launch a counter attack.

What they don’t know it this time…
This Time
I’m Ready to fight back.

I know something they can’t override…
My time is Now
And I’m ready
To Rise.