Moroccan memories

Agadir - evening beach shot
Hello again,

If you have been following my twitter updates, you may know that I have been in Morocco for the past week. I just got back yesterday, and already it seems like such a long time ago!

Morocco was amazing, so beautiful, and all of the people I met there were lovely, so open and inviting, and generous in spirit.

I did so much, not as much as I would have liked (a week is never long enough!) but managed to fit a lot into a short space of time, and still find some time to rest!

Highlights for me were:

Moroccan ‘whisky’ – a fresh mint tea that is offered nearly everywhere you go. It smells amazing, so fresh, and tastes delicously minty and very sweet! My top tea moment was looking out over the Ben Youssef Dam, Agadir’s man made resevoir, which stretches out for miles and offers breathtaking views of the country.

Ben Youssef Dam

Th Souk – the massive Moroccan market in which you can buy everything from curry powder to carpets. I could easily have spent a lot more time and money here. The people were friendly and everyone wants to have a chat regardless of whether you buy from them, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only is my French is a lot better than I remembered, I was also pretty good at haggling!

The Desert – I felt so much at peace here, so much so that, yes you guessed it, I wrote a short poem (below). I was going to include a picture here, but hopefully these words will let your imagination paint a picture instead:


I can almost see the perfectly dry heat
I listen to the silence
And sink into sand, warm under my feet
For now, this is all I need
I embrace this vast nothingness with my heart and mind
This is the stillness I’ve been trying to find
And in this space
I feel at peace.

3 responses to “Moroccan memories

  1. Honest: thanks you for finding me and leading me to this delightful new blog. I’ve been picturing the souk and the desert. Such a contrast! Glad you like my blog, too. Good luck!

  2. thank you very much, you are helpfull

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