Now is the time

Ready to Rise

The nights start early and it’s too cold to sleep
So I lie awake through sleepless dreams I creep
Rain seems to me like a seamless beat
Over which I hear voices
Reciting too many choices.

It’s time to switch, time to step up my game
As the seasons change I re-arrange my priorities and start believing
Find my direction so I am achieving
But I keep freezing.

These words take a hold of me
It’s a self fulfilling prophecy
‘Cause it’s only me
Holding back, keeping me down
It’s time to take a step back
Find a new way around.

I tell myself this same shit time and again
The same song just a different refrain
And yet still… I’ve remained the same.

I should move on, it’s a natural progession
But years on I  still recite the same lesson
I keep on saying it’s time to let go
I keep on thinking it’s starting to flow
But something inside keeps holding me back
I set my truth free, and my demons launch a counter attack.

What they don’t know it this time…
This Time
I’m Ready to fight back.

I know something they can’t override…
My time is Now
And I’m ready
To Rise.

9 responses to “Now is the time

  1. crazycooldreamer

    Hi, this is a really nice poem. I can relate to the feelings expressed in it, and I think so can a lot of other people. Right now, I’m struggling to get a career going after finishing school so that’s what this poem reminded me of.

    • Hello CrazyCool!

      Thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot. I have only just started this blog so it’s lovely to get a response (and a postive one!) so quickly. I am happy that my words touched you. I can relate to some of yours too, ‘Repression’ in particular resonated with me. I wish you well in your career, I am sure you will make it whatever you choose to do.

      With love. x

  2. Brilliant! I was hoping you would set up a blog, it’s fantastic. Wonderful to read more of your work.
    Love alicex

  3. Thanks for reading my 100 word challenge-I read a lot of your work and found it versatile and well written. I will follow your blog and hope you will check out my other work and follow it as well. My grand daughters name is savannah, so the 100 word #49 caught my eye immediately! beebeesworld

  4. powerful and thought provoking words!! #archiveday

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