A warm welcome

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog! The poem below is one I wrote several years ago when I was really looking forward to what the future might hold. Since then, I have gone through so much, good and bad, and for a while I lost my way.

Recently, I have been working through some stuff, and I re-read this poem and for the first time ever, I think, I am really starting to believe it. This is my time, and although I know there will be ups and downs (after all, such is life), all things will pass, and I can continue to rise.

If you’re interested in writing, people, poetry, and everything in between, you may find this blog interesting. I will write as often as the fancy takes me, which I am hoping will be more and more often as times goes on!

For now, thank you for passing through, perhaps I’ll see you back here again sometime.

Til next time,

Honest. x

2 responses to “A warm welcome

  1. lovely blog and lovely poem! i look forward to reading more.


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